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"The most powerful thing to realize is that you are fully in control of yourself and no one else. There is freedom in being just you."

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Sometimes our position or network keeps us from expressing our true feelings or experiences. On this page, you’ll find anonymous stories and thoughts from professional women.

A few years ago I was asked to review a project. The target demographic was Millenial and Gen X females. My boss asked me to be brutally honest. My review shared that the content didn't address real issues that the target demographic faces. The goal of the project was for content to go deep, but those involved had stayed very surface. I thought the group of ladies was talented and could do better. My supervisor was shocked when he heard the news. The editor on the project had told our supervisor the content was GREAT! When we were both brought into a meeting, the editor said, “It was just women talking. I figured since they were laughing it was good``... Is this what my friend and colleague's honest thought? It made me feel like my colleague didn't expect much from this group of women.

I was recently asked to take over as lead consultant on a project. When the client was informed, they questioned the shift. Not because of my qualifications, but because I was a woman. I am still working with this client, and our dynamic is great. It was shocking that this was the initial reaction and that my male boss had to step in to vouch for me.