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"The most powerful thing to realize is that you are fully in control of yourself and no one else. There is freedom in being just you."

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Why would anyone care what I have to say?

I think of myself as a learned extrovert.


When I share something personal, the following thoughts go through my head:


1) Was that TMI?
2) Am I only talking about myself?
3) I should ask them something next.
4) Was that a weird thing to say?


You get the self-conscious picture.


I am my own worst enemy. I am a classic overthinker. The benefit of being an overanalyzing crazy person is that I’ve learned to be quiet long enough to hear others. My voice isn’t the only one in the room.


Like millions of other women learning to stop saying, “I’m sorry”, I am critical of myself. My background in ballet bred a sense of “you will NEVER be good enough” right into my soul. It has taken years of personal work to move beyond this inner monologue.


In retraining my inner voice, I’ve learned to curb “preachy” but SPEAK UP and listen to the experiences of others. This led me to my vision for From Her Desk. I want to create a platform that allows women in the workplace to share their story. My goal is to create a collection of personal stories from women across different industries to provide others with deep information on how someone overcame or went through an experience.


Personal stories are evergreen. A reader can take in someone’s journey and figure out if or how it applies to their situation.


The path to success, whatever that looks like, is personal.


Cookie cutter advice doesn’t tell you how to make it through the workday when you’ve had a death in the family, when your partner leaves you, or depression follows you like a shadow. I’m not sure quick advice is the right response to such situations.


Stories that we relate to are comforting, even if they don’t offer a solution. It shows us that we aren’t alone, even if someone’s experience is not exactly like our own.


A story gives room for personal reflection. Personal experience doesn’t say, “this is what you should do” but shares “this is how I felt and how I made it through (or not).”


Let’s walk through life together.

AUTHOR: Samantha H, MBA

From Her Desk founder. Former ballerina turned MBA. She earned her undergraduate degree in International Bussines and a Masters in Business Administration from Oral Roberts University. She works as a marketing consultant in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

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